FN-25 Insulation Plaster

Product Description:
Cement based, expanded glass bead granule filled, polymer reinforced, special ,exterior and interior thermal insulation plaster. Momentum FN25 thermal insulation plaster is used in interior and exterior facades. The expanded glass bead is formed by supporting with aggregate hydraulic binder and 99% natural raw materials providing superior performance; It is an ecological insulation plaster that provides heat, water, sound and fire insulation. Does not form heat bridges. A1 class non-flammable, breathable material. Due to its low density, it does not put any load on the structures. It does not contain carcinogenic substances. Provides sound insulation. It is resistant to acid rain, prevents moisture and moisture and prevents mold and fungus formation. It does not undergo chemical degradation, it is equivalent to the life of your building.

Scope Of Application: Concrete, reinforced concrete, brick, pumice, aerated concrete, gypsum board, betopan, OSB, restoration of old buildings and works, interior and exterior insulation of buildings.
Surface Preparation: -The surfaces to be applied must be dry and clean. If the application surfaces are damaged, they must be removed before plastering. -If the application surface is old and painted; surface notched and swollen all parts should be removed from the ground. Adhesion enhancer, Gross concrete primer should be applied to the surface after cleaning and repair (MOMENTUM CORSE PRIMER-0,250 / m2 2 layer) -If the surface to be applied is old and black plaster; If the floor is swollen by checking, or if there is an under plaster space, after removing these, adherence enhancing concrete primer should be applied (MOMENTUM CORSE PRIMER-0,250 / m2 2 layers) -If the surface to be applied is gross concrete; adherence enhancer must be applied to the surface (MOMENTUM CORSE PRIMER-0,250 /m2 2 coats) and then a cement-based adhesive is applied in the form of a thin layer and heat insulation plaster should be applied. NOTE: if the application area is very large on the concrete and gross concrete surfaces, the use of the net is eliminated.
Preparation Of Plaster: One bag of Momentum FN 25 (or half of it by adding sufficient amount of water) is poured into the container where the mixture will be made and 14,0-15,5 liters of water is added and mixed with the mixer for 6-8 minutes. It is recommended that we mix all the bags at the same time before the mixtures are prepared. The prepared mixture should be used within 2 hours. Prepared mixtures are applied to the surface with a trowel or machine.NOTE: If there is a wait, the material should be used after mixing well. Recommended to apply two layer.
Application Temperature: Momentum FN 25 in the application environment temperature +5 ºC -35ºC. NOTE: If the temperature is more than 35 degrees, the surface to be treated should be diluted and after the first application, two applications should be done after the surface has been diluted.
Application:The wall surfaces to be applied should be cleaned and if there are defects on the surfaces, these defects should be removed. Anos are mounted at regular intervals on the building surface. The previously prepared material is filled with steel trowel or plastering machine between the anodes. Then, the plaster is taken to the anolar condition by correcting the plaster with excess gauge. With a steel trowel, the surface is given a decorative texture or a smooth appearance. Approximately 48 hours after the application, if desired, paint works material.
Consumption:4,5-5,0 kg on 1m2 surface for 1cm thickness. 1 bag=for 20kg, 2,00-2.20 m2 for 2 cm thickness.
Storage Conditions:+5 ° C and above in dry environment without contact with water.
Packaging:20 kg kraft paper bags. Shelf Life:12 months in dry and moisture free environment.


-Class A1 Fireproof 

-High Termal Insulation Value  


-Sound Dampening 

-Mold and Mildew Resistant (breathing)  

-No additional space during application (Provides extra

isolation as 15%, compared to other insulation products)
-Water Mix Only  

-Easy Application 

-Worker Saving (Ability to finish work at once, 100% easier, 
faster and workforce economy compared to other application systems)  

-Environmentally Friendly  

-It is composed of inorganic and natural material Momentum 
FN 25 Heat Insulation Plaster Life=Building Life

-Silica Free