Uses of AERO THERM layer for warm house and without mold

  • Thermal properties of AERO-THERM® coating are made by combining of thermoreflection and thermoisolation.
  • AERO-THERM® series coating improves thermal comfort, lowers energy costs of buildings, machinery and equipment.
  • AERO-THERM® products contain microballs, which secure decrease of thermal conductivity due to the fact that they are hollow and partially vacuum or filled with special gas. Some products contain an aerogel as well. We use high quality fillings, dispersions, and additives by world well- known producers.
  • Effective layer of application is a minimum of 0,8 – 1,00 mm.
  • Our experience shows considerable benefits of AERO-THERM® application in objects with already existing external insulation.
  • Procedures followed in measuring the properties and effectiveness of AERO-THERM® thermo active coating in the interior, have been approved by the testing center BRE in London.
  • Aero-therm Termoizoluesi consists of the most modern materials:Aerogel and 3M spheres
  • Recycling Group is authorized distributor in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro

How does the thermo active coating work?

The thermo active coatingis notas new as one may think. Some users have been gaing their experience with this kind of material for over 5 years. However, we have constantly been facing the pressure of a consumer on a question of how many centimeters of a styrofoam or wool insulation can be replaced by the thermo active AERO-THERM® coating.The thermo active coating cannot be categorized as a thermal insulation. Mainly because of its specific properties.The coefficient of thermal conductivity(λ) isn´t, in this case, important at all, unlike in case of a traditional insulation.AERO-THERM® thermo active coating has an impact on air flow inside the building when applied on the inner walls, ceiling or floor. The coating´s properties help the temperature measured near the ground and near the ceiling reach equillibrium in short time thus the thermal comfort is attained faster.The radiation component of the heating, as well as other thermal sources ( PC, T.V, human ect.) make AERO-THERM® to warm up quickly and considerable part of the heat radiates back into the space. This way the area warms up faster and the time to reach the thermal comfort becomes shorter.The heat releases slowly into the structural construction.The construction has its peripheral temperature higher than surrounding constructions ot objects, when treated with AERO-THERM® coating. This fact eliminates air moisture condensation and mouldingThe thermal slope is slowed down when the interior temperature decreases and turns into the subduet regime. Thus the coating exhibits favourable properties during cooling of the heated space.

Stated properties allow changing of the set up heating regime and lowering of temperature 2-3 °C. Energy savings following application of the AERO-THERM® coating show upto 50%.

Eliminates condensation


Saving in energy bills

Fast application

Lower grading of the thermostat

Rapid heating of the enviroment

Warm walls, comfortable room

1mm layer

Save money

Slows cooling of the enviroment

Balanced temperature

Don't need powerful heating

Aero-therm is made of modern materials: Aerogel, glass spheres and non-poisonus mixes soluble in water.
Aerogel is not a gel, but a stable spongy material, whose volue is made of 99.98% pores. The size of the pores is in nanometer order. Heat conductivity is 0.02 W/mK, which gives the stability in high temperatures. Its melting point is about 1200°C, and it doesn't burn and isn't poisonous. Aerogel has taken 14 prices in Guiness for its material features, including, "Best Insulator" and "Best light and stable material ". Composed with more than 90% air, aerogel is the best insulator in lowest heat conducting. Aerotherm uses aerogel silica to produce a strong, stable and flexibel material,which is 2-8 times more efective than other traditional thermic insulators.

(Picture) Matches and a flowr over an aerogel tile, heated with over 1000°C.

(Picture) Usage of aerogel as a resistance against cold and fire.

(Picture) Aerogel test.

Glass spheres 3M
Glass spheres 3M are microscopic spheres, with chemical composition of glasses of borum silicat. Every glass ssphere has a perfect shpheric form.

Their size is 10-150 micro meter dhe they are filled with vacuum. Microscopic spheres are the new generation of insulation. They are light, stable, non poisonous, durable. They are used in air and cosmos transportation, and in building ships.

We know how to save you money for energies in a smart and simple way.

THERMO INDUSTRY Corporation, a. s. has been involved in production and development of thermoactive coating AERO-THERM® series. AERO-THERM® coating improves thermal comfort, prevents mold formation, reduces energy cost of buildings, machines and technological equipment. AERO-THERM® products contain microspheres, which ensure the thermal conductivity. Microspheres are hollow and partially vacuum or filled with a special gas. Some products contain aerogel as well. In our production we use high quality fillings, dispersions and additives by world known producers.

What is AERO-THERM® and how does it work?

Thermal properties of AERO-THERM® coating are created by combination of thermal reflexion and thermal isolation. AERO-THERM® for interior serves as an insulating plaster. It is made of 10 hygienic components, which together create an effective thermal protection. The main component are hollow glass spheres of a few milimeters size, which reflect the heat back into the room. These spheres are sustained by nanometric particals of insulating material- Aerogel, which improves the insulating property of the coating. All this is connected due to diffusely open dispersion into one complex and unique system. The effective application layer 0,8-1,00 mm. Explanatory animation of AERO-THERM® function found on: Our experiences and experiences of our customers confirm considerable contribution of AERO-THERM® application in objects already insulated on the outer side. Measuring procedures of property and effectivity of thermoactive AERO -THERM® coating for interior use have been approved by BRE test room in London.

Series of AERO THERM® products

Whom and how does AERO-THERM® coating help?

Residents of flats, family houses and cottages

• insulation of houses and apartments
• thermal comfort improvement
• mold removal and mold prevention
• increasing effectivity of the heating system
• thermal bridges removal
• restriction of cold radiation coming from the walls and ceilings
• heat loss reduction

Users and operators of offices and buildings

• office and corporation building insulation
• prevention of overheating of sructural constructions during hot days
• thermal comfort improvement
• increasing effectivity of the heating system
• lowering the cost for airconditioning
• restriction of cold radiadion coming from the walls and ceilings

Production companies and their technologies

• reducing the thermal ballast coming from machines
• reducing energy demands of production
• increasing effectivity of the heating system when heating production halls
• reducing layers for example polyuterane insulation

Production companies and their technologies

• opportunity to offer another service
• possibility to increase profit on each commition
• simple application by coating or spraying
• possibility to increase income
• opportunity of how to improve customer satisfaction

Planners and architects

• opportunity of how to offer something new to the customers
• possibility of how to increase customer satisfaction
• opportunity of combining construction materials
• possibility of how to make your work simple

Advantages of AERO-THERM® material in brief

Fundamentally decreases heating expenses Allows to lower planned performance of the heating system distinctly (radiating sources 26%, conventional sources 35%), Ensures the same thermal c omfort in lower temperature (can decrease intensity of the heating), Increases sensational temperature in the room 2-3°C, Improves airflow- lowers temperature differences between ceiling and the floor, Decreases mold appearence. AERO-THERM® layer is warmer than surrounding walls and things due to its specific properties, therefore there is no moister,the moister is partially absorbed, Increases efficiency of the heating and airconditioning systems, Removes thermal bridges (can be applied even locally on areas of problem without any visible transition), Prevents cold radiating from the walls (AERO-THERM®) and floors (AERO-THERM® floor), Prevents overheating of structural constructions in hot days (AERO-THERM® exterier), Reduces thermal ballast of machines and energy demands of produce (AERO-THERM® industry). AERO-THERM® thermoactive coating service life is upto 25 years.

Whom has AERO-THERM® helped so far
-our satisfied customers

Paul and Sandra, North Leeds, UK

The chill that you normally feel walking into the room has gone.

AERO-THERM® was installed in my lounge last week. The chill that you normally feel walking into the room has gone, and this is even before I have put the radiator back on the wall

Metropolitan Housing Association

You can definitely feel the thermal improvement in the house.

AERO-THERM® was installed throughout two properties suffering with damp and mould growth in Derby for Metropolitan Homes. This proved a cost effective solution for Metropolitan Homes – to address poor insulation in difficult to treat solid wall properties. Both tenants commented on the improved environments created in the homes and the two installations won an award at the East Midlands Energy Efficiency Awards presentation in April 2016.

Shettleston Housing Association

The tenants have all immediately reported much warmer flats.

In March 2016, AERO-THERM® was installed across four neighbouring sandstone tenement flats in Glasgow for Shettleston Housing Association (SHA). The installation caused minimal disruption to the tenants and SHA commented on the high quality of the surface finish. The tenants have all reported improvements in the thermal comfort in their flats and no loss of space. One in particular has contacted us to say that he keeps having to turn his heating off! SHA are now considering rolling this product out across their portfolio.

Andrew Sheldon, ICE Energy

AERO-THERM® was applied to a cold warehouse office at renewable technologies’ company, ICE Energy.

We applied AERO-THERM® to our warehouse office that was always very cold in the winter.The room is now much easier to heat and has created a more comfortable working environment

Cat Wiltshire

Cat Wiltshire used AERO-THERM® to cut heating costs for a leading marketing and communications company in Derbyshire.

There is an obvious difference in terms of ambient warmth in the room and the feel of the walls. We’ve also noticed quite a reduction in noise and echo, which is very useful in a business context

Rubena Náchod, ČR

We have improved the quality of a workplace,lowered the surface temperature of press machines and saved energy.

AERO-THERM® industry thermoactive coating was applied to the middle and upper part of vulcanizing press. The areas were cleaned and rid of grease right before application. Data analysis of the control unit of Buzuluk double etage vulcanizing press proved faster heating up in the matter of percentage,stamina extension in the matter of tens of percent, and slower cooling of the press in the matter of tens of percent.

Why should you work with us

We welcome new challenges

Each new measurement, each new application of any product of AERO-THERM® series on a new surface is our challenge.

We cooperate with authorities

To make sure we provide all certificates, we permanently cooperate with competent authorities and test centers.

We keep inovating

New possibilities of AERO-THERM® products keep us still on track and we innovate its structure with the goal to improve its properties.

Why choosing AERO-THERM®?


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