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AERO-THERM® Exterier

AERO-THERM® Exterier is a new product in the production program of THERMO INDUSTRY company, a.s.. It fulfills requests on endurance against UV radiation. It is hydrophobic and vapor permeable. This highly flexible material eliminates the cracks creation on exterior of the object. AERO-THERM® exterier decreases the overheating of the construction of the object during the hot days and helps to save expenses on airconditioning of the object. In the climatic conditions of central Europe it is suitable combined with the basic material AERO-THERM®. The purpose of using AERO-THERM® exterier is to eliminate overheating of treated areas (peripheral constructions) of the object, thus lowering expenses on airconditioning. AERO-THERM®exterier contains either 3M glass spheres or microspheres with a high stronghold and flexibility, alternativly aerogel, binder and additives. The efficient thermoactive layer is only 1mm. AERO- THERM® exterier can be used as a final layer or as a part of a structure. Toning the material is not recommended. Due to its easy applicability by spraying or coating, AERO-THERM® exterier is easy and fast solution leading to savings on energy expenses. Aerogel (PDF)
Prospect (PDF)

Application areas

AERO-THERM® exterier can be applied to mineral and metal building constructions. AERO-THERM® exterier is supplied in pack ages: 5l, 12l, 30l.


Him Kolli
Tiranë, 32/1



Recycling Group Shpk

  • Authorized distributor for:
  • Albania, Kosovo,
    Macedonia, Montenegro