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AERO-THERM® floorfloor is the next product of our company, which fulfills customer demand on warmer walkable layer. This product allows for laying the soft cover directly on AERO-THERM® floor without a need for a firm walkable layer as in AERO THERM® product. Due to its thermal insulating properties it lowers energy demands of constructions, and, in case AERO-THERM® floor is applied under the floor heating, it increases the effectivity of the heating system. This is a favorable solution for buildings,where rising walkable layer isn´t possible. AERO-THERM® floor thermoactive layer works alike in case it´s sprayed on a ceiling of dry basement areas, right under the cooling floor.

Dokumentacioni teknik (PDF)
Aerogel (PDF)
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Application areas

AERO-THERM® floor can be applied by coating or spraying under the floors covering, for example carpet,floating floor,parquets,linoleum. It is an excellent material under the floor heating such as heat foil, heat matting, heat cabels and hot water floor system, where it increases effectivity of the floor heating. AERO-THERM® floor is supplied in pack ages: 5l, 12l, 30l.


Him Kolli
Tiranë, 32/1



Recycling Group Shpk

  • Authorized distributor for:
  • Albania, Kosovo,
    Macedonia, Montenegro