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AERO-THERM® industry

AERO-THERM® industrywas developed on a request for a material, which would be mechanically more durable than AERO-THERM® (used up until now in industry) and proves for more flexibility. Its use is individual based on the need of the user. It also is being used as a structure along with AERO-THERM®. Due to its easy application by spraying on various bases and parts( stainless steel tanks in food industry, furnaces pressing bike tires,furnaces for melting aluminium), AERO-THERM® industry is fast , easy and efficient energy saving solution. It also has a positive effect on heat ballast of the work place, thus is interesting from the view of Health and safety in the work place.

Dokumentacioni teknik (PDF)
Aeroxhel (PDF)
Prospekti (PDF)

Application areas

AERO-THERM® industry can be applied to metal building construction and equuipment, or other technological equipment such as furnaces, pressers, tempering chambers, drying rooms, plumbing and such. At the moment all applications are done strictly by THERMO INDUSTRY company, a.s. AERO-THERM® industry is supplied in pack ages: 5l, 12l, 30l.


Him Kolli
Tiranë, 32/1



Recycling Group Shpk

  • Authorized distributor for:
  • Albania, Kosovo,
    Macedonia, Montenegro