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AERO-THERM® contributes to creating and maintaining of thermal comfort.


  •     increases effectivity of the heating system
  •     areas treated react very quickly to temperature rise
  •     creates anticondensing layer, removes thermal bridges
  •     underlayer construction keeps on accumulating the heat
  •     can be applied without a trace of transition
  •     easy and quick application without the use of any fixing constructions
  •     insulation of the interior side of the building

Purpose of the use of thermoactive coating is to influence the radiation temperature of treated areas (ceilings and peripheral constructions) or to reduce the amounts of condesed humidity mainly in corners and other areas, where the surface temperature decreases bellow the dew point. AERO-THERM® contains 3M glass spheres, aerogel, bindings and additives. The efficient thermoactive layer is only 1mm.

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Application areas

AERO-THERM® thermoactive coating is a water dilutable filler, which may be applied to wall surfaces, ceilings or the floor structure. AERO-THERM® coating contains Aerogel. AERO-THERM® is protected by Utility model. AERO-THERM® is supplied in pack ages: 3l, 5l,12l ,30l.


Him Kolli
Tiranë, 32/1



Recycling Group Shpk

  • Authorized distributor for:
  • Albania, Kosovo,
    Macedonia, Montenegro