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Informacionet teknike bazë

Material form Compact mass water-soluble
Function Termoactive, heat resistance
Composition Filler material 3M, aerogel, dispersivë,aditivë.
Insulation material Aerogel, glass spheres 3M
Layer thickness 0,8 – 1,0 mm
Stability 25 years if used according to technological guidelines


Basic data Features / classification Harmonized technical specification
Water vapor permeability EN ISO 7783-2 V2 average EN 15824
Water permeability EN 1062-3 W1 – high EN 15824
Sustainability in sticking EN 1542 ≥ 1,00 MPa EN 15824
Stability NPD EN 15824
Ability of heat conductivity λ(W/mK) EN 12667 0,047 EN 15824
Sustainability heat EN 13501-1+A1 A2 - s1, d0 EN 15824


Indicators Features / classification Technical specifications
– adhesive ability to stratification of structures and parts
- steel
- stainless steel
0,5 ±0,1(Mpa)
0,6 ±0,1(Mpa)
The ability of collecting heat, the temperature drop during contact It coincides with ČSN 730540-2
Measurement of heat capacity Cp 1,213(J/g.0C) (ČSN) EN ISO 11357-1
(ČSN) EN ISO 11357-4
Emission levels, emission level of spherical 20 ° C (metoda Taylor) 0,93 ( - ) Mid IR Integrat IT /PIKE Technologies/ /diffuse Scope of integration of reflection/
Value of penetration of air sd 0,19 (m) (ČSN) EN ISO 7783-2
Technical features against Fire - Flame spread index into the surface is 0 (mm/min) ČSN 73 0863
The density (specific volume) ρv 0,325 g/ml
0,184 kg/m2
(ČSN) EN ISO 787-10
(ČSN) EN ISO 1183-1, Teil B
(ČSN) EN ISO 2811-1 Product Technical Data Sheet

Technical documentation


- AERO-THERM® - flyer (PDF Dokument)
- AERO-THERM® Industri (PDF Dokument)
- Ways of using AERO-THERM® (PDF Document)
- Product description (PDF Dokument)
- AERO-THERM® ingredients (PDF Document)
- Prospect (PDF Document)

- Certificate (PDF Document)
- German certificate (PDF Document)
- Aero-Therm certificate Knauf (JPG)


The RISE Awards stand for Research, Innovation, Sustainability and Enterprise. To showcase and celebrate the most innovative and forward thinking research and initiatives in the built environment, the Leeds Sustainability Institute at Leeds Beckett University host a highly competitive annual competition to highlight some of the most exciting opportunities currently available. With a broad spectrum of products and projects represented, the awards seek to recognise and reward industry leaders in energy efficiency, new technologies, products and processes, research, design, behavioural change and more! As AERO-THERM® incorporates the latest advances in the secondary reflectance of heat energy, it presents new opportunities in how to insulate a building.This was noted by the judges who recognised how the ultra-thin coating is able to effectively absorb and reflect certain key bands of radiant energy to rapidly balance the heat distribution within the room. Allowing the thermo-reactive nature of the product to, in effect, become part of the heating system and constantly work to efficiently maintain and distribute the available heat.

Energy Efficiency Awards

AERO-THERM® awarded 3rd place for the Regional Small Scale Project of the Year category for the East Midlands Energy Efficiency Awards. The National Energy Efficiency & Retrofit Awards were launched to help motivate the energy efficiency sector in their delivery of the Green Deal Finance Initiative and Energy Company Obligation Scheme. These measures together help home owners reduce their energy bills, tackle fuel poverty and reduce Carbon emissions. The aim of the Energy Efficiency & Retrofit Awards is to provide public recognition for the excellent work the Energy Efficiency sector is doing in implementing these schemes. And to help encourage best practice within the Energy Industry as it works to improve UK housing stock. AERO-THERM® Products were therefore pleased to be accepted for the nomination and for the recognition that we are contributing towards effective solutions to improving the energy efficiency of the UK housing stock. The award was in relation to two domestic AERO-THERM® installations that we carried out to mould prone propertiesin Derby for Metropolitan Housing Association. The tenants had previously complained of continuing and repeated mould growth in the properties. As AERO-THERM® provides warm walls and works to rapidly balance temperature differentials, it is very effective at removing cold spots and eliminating the conditions for condensation to occur, which ultimately leads to mould growth. It was therefore considered an effective long term solution, which would also help to alleviate the tenants out of fuel poverty.


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